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"Actors Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder, who play spoiled step-siblings Boone and Shannon on hit TV series Lost, are dating off-screen. The celebrity couple are regularly spotted out together in Los Angeles, but have tried to keep their budding relationship under wraps. A source confirmed the romance to American publication Us Weekly adding, "They stay out of the limelight, but they spend a lot of time hanging out and working out together at Gold's Gym (in Venice Beach, California). They kiss and hold hands when they come and go from the gym. You can tell they're a couple." The pair were romantically involved in a flashback sequence on Lost in its first season."

New LOST Community

Hey everyone! I decided to start a new LOST LJ community devoted to character discussion and exploration, somewhere where we can go if we've developed an incite on a specific character, or if someone just wants to hate on Ana Lucia. It's called Characters LOST. It's pretty desolate right now, but please feel free to join and start posting!
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I found this comm because I had a dream. There was a practice going on for a broadway play, and everyone was dancing around and trying to learn the steps. Oddly it was for Cats, and I have never been able to sit through cats on the basis of it horrifying me, but I managed to be very interested in this whole thing. Foxy was a really good dancer, and for some reason evi could not get it and kept tripping josh.

anyway, that was it.

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so, only about 50 more mins to go. its about time we get our new episode. just a quick question unrealated to this upcoming episode.

im supposed to pick out a mystery book for english and i would love to take this as a chance to actually read one of the book references from lost. does anyone know if any of them are mystery? thanks :) enjoy tonight.

(no subject) me and my brother are going crazy playing with the numbers. since i suck at math im trying to get him to work out the equations sayid (for some reason) hasnt been able to answer. we found a screencap on the site from 1x12. if anyone can find a clearer version of this cap or know what the equations are that are written above the drawing of the island. the cap is here:

thanks everyone!

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ok, three lost related things happened to me today.

1. i was reading the comics thismorning as usual, and i came across one called 'Adam @ Home' and since my scanner isnt being very nice to me at the moment i'll just tell you what it says.

daughter (?) - 'you're back early from your dinner with the Nobel Laureate.'
adam - '"LOST" is on.'

i started laughing and saying 'it's so true' repeatively until i forgot what i was laughing about...and then i remembered and kept going till my teacher told me to shut up. i'm laughing right now.

2. in geography we were doing a little read-up on australia and it said something about the natives primarily living in the 'outback' (center of the...island... i guess you could call it) took me about a second start connecting it to lost (it's a skill of mine...i can connect ANYTHING to lost. try me)so maybe its the same on the island. the netives aka the others live in the center of the island. it seems that way because libby said 'we don't go there cause thats were they come from' refering to deeper into the forest. O_o

3. my friend has walt powers. ok, so she cant summon polar bears but she can make things happen O_o. example numero uno - she was very pissed at her friend shawn today. in the middle of class, the poster on the wall right beside her fell. she put it back up, this continued 5 more times until i looked at her and said 'walt skills'. example 2 - neither of us did our math assignment. we were going to die. it was worth a big part of our overal grade. she said to me right before we walked into math class "i'd give anything to get out of handing this in". wish granted. we walked into the classroom and we had a substitute who forgot to collect them. booyeah. okay, so it seems extremely stupid when its written down, but she is incredibly afraid of her 5 year old devilish neighbors she refers to as 'the others'. she thinks they want to kidnap her for her walt skills.

ok, that my day. pointless but funny. enjoy!
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First of all, I'd like to wish everyone in lost_random a very happy halloween!

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Marvel at my fine artistic skillz. As you might have guessed, I only have Paint.

And now, a few questions.

What does everyone think of the layout? I'm just a little freaked out by it, so I'd be open to suggestions about how to make it better.

Similarly, the icon. I think we need our own, not one I've just picked up on my travels around livejournal. If anyone feels inspired, please comment with what you've come up with and I'll pick the best.

Finally, if you like the idea for this community, pimp it out. Thanks!